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Scientific Research Achievements
NXCC Jiahui’s independent R&D of high-strength shrinkage-free grouting material into production
发布时间:2021-12-30 10:47:38
In recent days, first new cement-based high-strength shrinkage-free grouting material, independently researched and developed by Jiahui subsidiary of Ningxia Communications Construction Co., Ltd. (refers to as NXCC), is officially put into production. This product is with good volume stability, high strength and adjustable color, of which mixed slurry has high fluidity, non-guttation and good grouting performance. 
Through research and development by technical consulting group of NXCC Jiahui Company over two years, product formula was eventually determined after testing a variety of material combination schemes and conducting repeated trials and comparisons. Taking desert aeolian sand and cement as primary materials, this product is made by uniformly mixing several additives such as compound expansion agents, which is a powdery material specifically applied for poured-in composite asphalt pavement.
This product is mainly researched and developed for the need of subject project and used in research project of “Ningxia National and Provincial Arteries Maintenance Engineering--Anti-rutting Pavement Material Design and Construction Standardization Research for Heavy-load Traffic” established by Department of Transportation of Ningxia Province. By paving poured-in composite asphalt pavement, rutting resistance performance of asphalt pavement could be significantly improved. The research of development of grouting formula has laid a solid foundation for smooth implementation of the scientific research project.
High-strength shrinkage-free grouting material is the third new product that is put into production after company’s independent R&D of high-viscosity & high-elasticity modified asphalt and SBS modified and emulsified asphalt. In future, the company will continue to increase investment in scientific research of new road material, implement transformation of scientific research into products and make contribution to sustainable development of the company.

Pic. 1 Production Equipment of Dry-power Mixtures

Pic. 2 Production of Grouting Material Product

Pic. 3 Bagged Product with High-Strength Shrinkage-free Grouting Material 1

Pic. 4 Bagged Product with High-Strength Shrinkage-free Grouting Material 2

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