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Corporate Profile
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Ningxia Communications Construction Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to asNXCC) established in 1958, same age as Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, was formed bymerging Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Highway Engineering Bureau Second Engineering Division, Mechanical Road Building Divisionand Third Engineering Division.In 2016, NXCC completed shareholding reform and was officially renamed as "Ningxia Communications Construction Co., Ltd.". Over the past 60 years,the company has always taken "Building Roads and Bridges, Serving the Society" as its own duty, and its construction footprint is inside and outside of the region and overseas.The company is an AA credit enterprise in China road construction market, an AA credit enterprise in Ningxia Road construction market, an AAA credit enterprise in Ningxia construction market, one of Fortune 100Enterprises in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and one of Top 10 OutstandingEnterprises in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

The company has Class-A Qualification of general contract for highway engineering, Grade A Qualification forhighway pavement, subgrade engineering professional contracting. Highway engineering maintenance Class 1, Class 2 Grade A and B, Class 3 Grade A, and B full series qualifications, Bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, traffic engineering professional contracting Grade 2Qualification, Municipal Engineering, Environmental protection, labor and other special qualifications. The company is a member of China International Contractors Associations, with foreign trade, foreign project contracting and foreign labor cooperation qualifications.

The company consists of highway, bridge &tunnel, maintenance, municipal, overseas departments, three branch companies, two wholly-owned subsidiaries, three holding subsidiaries, oneengineering technical research center, one central laboratory and multipleresident offices in different cities, regions andprovinces.

Primary work of NXCC consist of highway, bridge and tunnel engineering construction;municipal public engineering, water conservancy and hydropower project, river and lake treatment project, waterway engineering and airport runway engineering project; investment, construction and operation of transportation infrastructure project; maintenance and rehabilitation of all kinds of roads, bridges and tunnels;road construction new materials research and development, production and sales;special machinery and equipment leasing;contracting overseas projects, overseas investment, overseas required project equipment and materials export, domestic and overseas labor dispatch, foreign trade and import and export, etc.

NXCC is dedicated to be a leading enterprise in construction, maintenance and comprehensive service of transportation infrastructure. In the future, we will adhere to the enterprise spirit of "TO BE CONSCIENTIOUS, TO BE INNOVATIVE, TO BE SINCERE, TO ACHIEVE ALL-WIN" andtake relentless pursuit of transportation as driving force to make communication more convenient and the world more accessible!

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