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Inspection and Instruction for Pakistan Branch Office by Company Director Mr. Wang Xiaobo
发布时间:2022-05-21 23:44:14
On May 11 of 2022, Mr. Wang Xiaobo, director of the board, visited Pakistan branch office, inspected the branch office and projects under construction and provide relevant instruction.
Mr. Wang Jun, general manager of branch company, and Mr. Zhou Peng, project manager, reported current work situation and operation status of branch company and three on-going projects from aspect of construction progress, fund retrieval, cooperation pattern and existing issues as well as specific solutions to the director Mr. Wang Xiaobo. The director made instruction on management of project under construction and requested that project management should strengthen project surveillance in relation to financial management and establish communication mechanism so as to ensure project could be implemented smoothly.
On the afternoon of May 15, The director Mr. Wang Xiaobo met CEO of NCC company, local partner of Lodhran - Multan highway project, and its management team. Both parties exchanged opinions on existing issues of project and subsequent management. It is hoped that, during implementation of this project, both parties will enhance mutual trust, promote mutual benefit and achieve a win-win situation. At the same time, both parties have exchanged views on the counter-measures for sharp rise in raw material prices caused by high inflation and subsequent cooperation on some potential projects.
At the end, the director Mr. Wang Xiaobo stated requests as follows
1.Both parties should make joint effort to optimize management procedure and complete management process;
2.Both parties should enhance forward-looking of management and establish appropriate counter-measures against potential risk caused by inflation;
3.It is hoped that the project partner is able to improve working capacity and construction efficiency during subsequent implementation and both parties could enhance mutual trust so as to lay a foundation for deeper cooperation in future.
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