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First Prime Construction Contracting Project of Highway in Pakistan
发布时间:2021-06-03 19:08:28

On June 3rd of 2021, after bid opening and reviewing, Construction Project of Lodhran-Multan Section and Flyovers issued by Pakistan National Highway Authority (NHA) that our company participated in, joint venture of our company is eventually determined as wining unit.

The Construction Project of Lodhran-Multan Section and Flyovers with total length approximate 62 KMs and total amount 280 million RMB, is located at bound of Multan, the third biggest city of Punjab province of Pakistan. The construction period is 2 years. The owner is National Highway Authority of Pakistan (NHA) and we has won this project in form of joint venture.

Since its establishment in 2019, Pakistan Branch Office continuously actively expanding market and followed up this project in the latter half year of 2020. With joint effort of Overseas Business Division and Pakistan Branch Office, the bidding submission is completed on March 22nd of 2021. After bidding review, Letter of Acceptance is formally issued on June 3rd of 2021, which is breakthrough of zero project in Pakistani business market. As the first project in Pakistan, it marks a new step for the company’s overseas business, and at the same time it has laid the foundation for opening up the Pakistan market and boosted the company’s confidence in the long-term operation of the Pakistan market.

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