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Exchange Conference regarding Development of Overseas Business
发布时间:2021-09-02 14:25:00
On September 2nd, an exchange conference regarding development of overseas business was held in Ningxia Communications Construction Co., Ltd. and Zhang Zhitao, secretary of party committee & chairman, Shen Jiancheng, director and general manager, etc. attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The meeting was hosted by the chairman Zhang Zhitao.
During the conference, company management answered the questions raised by overseas employees in terms of ideology, living, work and career development face-to-face. Five returning employees shared about their work and overseas life, actively made suggestions on company development, market development, construction management, etc., and shared about their overseas work experience, and expressed gratitude for company's care for themselves and their families and provided feedback on difficulties and problems that need to be solved.
On behalf of the Company, Zhang Zhitao extended sincere greetings to the overseas employees, and thanked everyone for their long-term on-site efforts. At the same time, he clearly pointed out that the company must strengthen the determination of the overseas development strategy and will spare no effort to support overseas business; requested that relevant departments should follow up the problems reported by employees in a timely manner, focus on epidemic prevention and control, project construction, logistics support, etc., pass the company's concern to every employee, and effectively eliminate the concern of employees. At the same time, I encourage everyone to make full use of the company’s development platform, identify self-positioning in their positions, form a clear plan for their career development, continuously strengthen learning, enhance active communication, maintain a positive, healthy sprit, and grow into a professional high-quality reserve talents with international business ability as soon as possible.
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