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Company Organized Scientific and Technological Innovation Work Progress Exchange Meeting
发布时间:2021-12-13 09:01:52
In order to further understand the progress of phased construction and major scientific and technological achievements of the research Center, and also arrange and deploy key work and tasks in the future, the company hold the 2021 annual Research Center science and technology innovation progress exchange meeting in the headquarters’ 6th floor meeting room on Dec 4th. The meeting heard the work progress of Research Center and six technology achievements report. Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board Mr.ZhangZhitao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Director and General Manager Mr. Shen Jiancheng, Chairman of Supervisory Committee Mr. Zhao Huizhong, the leaders of Senior management and all the staff of the research center attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the chief engineer of the company, Mr. Men Guangyu. 
The conference emphasized the Research Center to do focal point of the work in scientific and technological innovation combine with the company's main business development direction. First, after two years’ rapid development, Research Center has been approved for several research platforms and has certain influence in the region. The fast development talented person team has certain capacity for hematopoiesis. Second, the current development model and future development plan of Research Center conform to the company development plan for the next five years. The company request to further expand the scope of delivery and cultivate technology staff, to improve the training efforts of PHD in applied engineering,to enhance the cooperation of research topics with domestic Scientific Research Institutions and key universities in all aspects and at various levels. Third, the Research Center should further communicate with management layer, based on the current four research and development directions, to refine and clarify the important applied research development direction, focus to carry out the technology breakthrough and achievements transformation and application, to build the regional engineering trial application and form the regional technology competition. Fourth, research staff should constantly enhance the confidence of technological innovation, make good use of demonstration project “experimental field”, promote the project entity effectiveness verification with new technology, new process and new construction method, keep optimizing to deep plough of project "test plot" into "demonstration plot" with test results and project practice theory. 
The conference has analyzed the progress of phased construction and major scientific and technological achievements of the research Center, and also arrange and deploy key work and tasks in the future. It is hoped that the Research Center will take this opportunity to deeply cultivate the business sector of scientific and technological innovation, and achieve the high-quality coordinated development of scientific and technological innovation and the company's main business. 

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