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A School-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement Signed Between NXCC and the School of Materials Science and Engineering, North Minzu University
发布时间:2021-04-22 17:31:55
In order to realize the research and development of advanced materials and technology, and promote the combination of “producing, studying and researching” between enterprises and universities, Ningxia Communications Construction Co., Ltd. and North Minzu University’s School of Materials Science and Engineering held a signing ceremony to establish the “School-Enterprise Cooperation Base for producing, studying and researching & Teaching through Practicing”.
Mr. MengGuangyu, Deputy General Manager of NXCC, Mr. Hui Yingxin, Director of the Research Center, Deputy Secretary Mr. Ma Jianjun and Associate Dean Mr. Du Jianghua from School of Materials Science and Engineering of North Minzu University, department head Professor Han Fenglan from Department of Polymer Science and related personnel from the Research Center attended this ceremony.
At the signing ceremony, Deputy Secretary Ma Jianjun and Associate Dean Du Jianghua introduced basic situation of the school and college students, scientific research, faculty, professional characteristics, and talent cultivation to the participants. After that, Mr. Men Guangyu gave a detailed introduction to the company's basic condition, company history, company development status and prospects, and expressed the hope to expand cooperation in research and development of advanced road materials in the future. To conclude, Mr. Men Guangyu and other related persons were invited for a visit at the “Key Laboratory, Analysis and Testing Center, Metalworking Training Center which were established by the province-ministry joint efforts” belonging to the School of Materials Science and Engineering, North Minzu University, and through the introduction of school staff, they learned about the college’s infrastructures for scientific research.
This signing ceremony indicates that North Minzu University and NXCC will adhere to the basic principles of "long-term cooperation, complementary to each other, mutual benefit and win-win", it will provide technical support for the innovation and development of NXCC.
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