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Sales of new-type road material and products-modified emulsified asphalt product etc.
Create first-class quality and provide first-class service --Ningxia Jiahui Material Processing and Sales Center Introduction
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Ningxia Jiahui Road Recycling Co., Ltd (referred to as: Ningxia Jiahui) is a whole-owned subsidiary of Ningxia Communications Construction Co., Ltd. Ningxia Jiahui material processing and sales center to produce and sell modified emulsified asphalt, cold patch, potting rubber and other new road materials, modified emulsified asphalt station is located in Hongde Charity Park, No. 125, Hongsiabao District, Wuzhong City, Ningxia, the construction was completed and put into use in 2017. The station covers an area of 3,000 square meters, with a total investment of more than 5 million yuan. One of the main equipment modified emulsification station, the core components of the colloid mill for the original German imports, metering components are imported accessories, its emulsification fineness up to 2µm-5µm, with excellent product processing performance. Modified emulsification station is currently the largest value, the highest output, the best performance, the most advanced technology of modified emulsified asphalt equipment.


Material processing and sales center modified emulsified asphalt station product categories are rich, including plant mix cold regeneration, plant mix hot regeneration, thin layer cover, micro-surface, thin slurry seal, permeable layer, sticky layer and other construction needs of various types of emulsified asphalt. The center adopts the production, supply, sales and construction of integrated business model, field station supporting equipment with intelligent asphalt sprinkler, thin slurry sealer and other professional emulsified asphalt construction vehicles and transport vehicles, equipped with experienced, highly professional test testing and equipment operators, while configured with 20 sets of professional test instruments, to undertake all kinds of emulsified asphalt production and construction tasks to provide a good platform. As of April 2019, it has produced and sold more than 9,000 tons of various types of emulsified asphalt to the region's highways such as Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Fuyin Expressway, Dingwu Expressway, G338, G110, S103 and other national and provincial trunk lines, municipal projects in Yinchuan, Wuzhong, Zhongwei, Guyuan, etc., and road projects in Alashan League of Inner Mongolia and Gansu Province, which have been unanimously recognized and praised by all relevant parties, achieving the goal of winning reputation with quality and service.


Material processing and sales center modified emulsified asphalt station relying on a comprehensive B-level qualification of highway engineering testing Ningxia Communications Construction Co., Ltd laboratory to carry out various test testing work, to provide a full range of services for product quality.

Ningxia Jiahui material processing and sales center will always adhere to the "courage to bear, good innovation, think to the sincere, seek a win-win" spirit of enterprise, willing to cooperate with all sectors of society, to provide high-quality emulsified asphalt products and construction services, to provide a variety of new road materials processing and construction services, for highway construction, road maintenance and repair, municipal projects to provide first-class service and high-quality product supply.

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