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The No.5 Contract Section (Phase I) of Road Maintenance of Yinchuan Branch in 2018
发布时间:2021-04-23 09:12:14

This project is located in The Yinchuan section of S103 line (Yinma Line), which is one of the important arteries connecting the southeast and northwest of Ningxia, and also one of the major traffic arteries connecting Yinchuan city to Ningdong Town.From the southeast to the northwest by this binhe, Linhe, Shuidonggou and Ningdong central area. The starting and ending pile numbers of this contract section are K17+800-K43+000. The design adopts the standard construction of first-class highway.

This project is the first large-area construction project that adopts 1.5cm warm mixed modified asphalt thin layer cover technology in Ningxia after the S108 and S103 test sections, involving the original asphalt pavement fine milling, grouting treatment of settlement roadbed, cutoff wall, SMC modified asphalt concrete cover and other main construction contents.


The No.5 contract section of this engineering section is undertaken by our company.

  Building 5, Liupanshan Road No. 396, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City
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