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High-Grade Highways
National Highway 309 of Highway engineering in Guyuan No 2 Contract Section
发布时间:2021-04-22 17:56:42

The Merge line of G309 and S101 runs through the downtown of Guyuan city. On both sides of the road, schools, enterprises, shops and residential buildings are dense, with prominent road traffic safety hazards and frequent traffic accidents, which seriously affect the passage of transit vehicles, bring great hidden dangers to the safety of life and property of residents and students along the road, and also restrict the development of urban construction.The implementation of this project effectively alleviates the urban traffic pressure, improves the capacity of transit vehicles, and provides a strong guarantee for accelerating the development of Guyuan city's urban construction. The main line of this project is designed according to the standard of two-way four-lane first-class highway.

Main line and connection line of N2 contract section is undertaken by our company.

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