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Expressway from Pengyang to Qingshizui No.3 Contract Section
发布时间:2021-04-22 17:56:20

Expressway from Pengyang to Qingshizui No 3 Contract Sectionlocated in Pengyang County, Guyuan City. The project connected the region S203 and G309 highway, highway from Pengyang to Zhengyuan County Gansu province, S101 highway in the west of Pengyang County and Fu-Yin Expressway effectively. Not only after the completion of the project to provide a fast and high-speed channel for taking Pengyang county, but also further improve the district nine "three vertical and horizontal road network, improve the level of the road network capacity and the overall development of our service, strengthened the exchanges of Pengyang county in Ningxia and Gansu province, improve the provincial transport corridor, quick access to become the southern mountains of Ningxia and Gansu province connection. The highway grade is a first-class highway.Highway bridge design load level for highway level one.

Our company undertakes the construction of the third contractual.


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