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Artery Roads
G327 Highway from Gouquan to Pengyang (Ningxia- Gansu Boarder)
发布时间:2021-04-23 08:46:45

G327 highway belongs to the scope of the national new highway network planning, and is also an important part of the Ningxia trunk highway network. It is not only a major east-west highway transport corridor in the southern Ningxia mountainous region, but also an important inter-provincial road leading to Gansu Province. The route of this project is generally from southeast to northwest. The starting point of the route K0+000 is located in Guluan Village, Pengyang County, at the junction of Ninggan, Line G327, passing Yangping Township, Hanzhai Township and Chengyang Town. The end point of the route is K23+144.143.

The whole line of this project is undertaken by our company.

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