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Overseas Division Has Won General Contracting Project of Pakistani National Highway Authority
发布时间:2022-01-12 09:02:49
In recent days, Overseas Division of Ningxia Communications Construction Co. Ltd has received Letter of Acceptance for Construction of Package -02 (61KM) of GilGit - Shandoor (216 Km.)
This project is located in North Region of Pakistan and one of important branch road connecting North Region to Karakoram Highway (China-Pakistan Friendship Highway), which has significant meaning for improving traffic capacity of existing roads in the region, promoting circulation of logistics, facilitating travel of the public and promoting development of local social economy.
The winning of bid is of great significance for the company to stabilize Pakistani market and has laid foundation for healthy and orderly development. The Pakistani Branch Office will do all preparation work in early stage of the project and ensure performance management of the project. Meanwhile, under correct leadership and great support of the company, the branch office will continue to seek for more high-quality projects to truly build reputation of NXCC brand and start a new journey of five-year high-quality development of overseas business.
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